Make It Happen
Real Life Changes For Real People

A program originally made possible through a nutritional and physical activity grant awarded to Rush County Memorial Hospital from the Golden Belt Community Foundation.

So - What is this all about?
A program designed to encourage the people of Rush County to attain a greater level of health and wellness through regular exercise and healthy eating choices. Exercise classes are held twice weekly for 3-4 month sessions throughout the year.  Types of exercise offered include, but not limited to, aerobics, Zumba, Yoga or the chance to utilize the Wellness Center.

How Much Will It Cost?
Participants have several options available and the cost is dependent on which option is chosen. Payment for the program is expected in advance.
    A.Exercise classes only:                                                                            $10.00/month
    B.Exercise classes and use of Wellness Center:                                      $20.00/month
                        i.Participants must attend the exercise classes
                        ii.A key entry card purchased from Rush County Memorial Hospital will be required for entrance into                             the Wellness Center. Cards are a one-time fee of $5.00. If the card is lost, stolen or destroyed it will                             be inactivated and replacement will be at a cost of $10.00.  
                        iii.Monthly payments are due by the 10th of each month for the key card to remain active. If notice of                             payment is not received by Rush County Memorial Hospital the card will be inactivated until notice is                             received. A form signed by a Make It Happen Coordinator must be presented to purchase or                             reactivate the key entry card.

What Do I Get For My Money?
Besides a fit, healthy body, you will get:
2 Instructor led exercise sessions per week (Monday and Wednesday)
Supporting materials and handouts to help you be successful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Tell Me When And Where?
Meetings will be at the La Crosse Auditorium.
Monday Weigh in will start at 5:15 pm
Monday exercise will start at 5:45 pm
Monday support groups and programs will start at 6:45 pm
Wednesday exercise will start at 5:45 pm

Must be 16 yrs old to participate.
Anyone under the age of 18 must have parental permission.
No children allowed during sessions.

RCMH 785-222-2545