Make It Happen
Real Life Changes For Real People

A program originally made possible through a nutritional and physical activity grant awarded to Rush County Memorial Hospital from the Golden Belt Community Foundation.

Our Plan
An exercise and educational program designed for our community. Our goal to encourage and educate to obtain a healthy life style through exercise and healthy food choices.
   So....... What’s Happening??
Exercise classes will be held twice per week. An educational class will be held once a month. Exercises will include, but not limited to, Yoga, Pilates, Country Zumba, 21 Day Fit, and Hip Hop Dance. Educational Class will be a different topic each month designed to further attain wellness goal thru education.
   The Cost of Getting Healthy???
Participants have two pay options: The first, you pay $20 at the first class of each month and come to as many classes as you want. The second, you pay $4 per class, and it has to be paid on the day of the class. This program does not include wellness center. Wellness center access may be obtained through Shawn at Rush County Memorial Hospital.

  Tell Me When & Where!!??
Each class will be held at LaCrosse city Auditorium. Classes will begin at 6:00 pm and run approximately 45 minutes. A schedule will be posted here, around town, and handed out at end of each month for the following month. 
   Who’s Going to Be There??
We encourage everyone from age 10 years and up. We would like to help with the health and wellness of everyone in our community. Anyone under the age of 18 must have parental permission. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. 

   Questions ????
Please contact April Reed at Rush County Memorial Hospital 
785-222-2545 Ext. 332 
Sponsored by Rush County Memorial Hospital and Rush County Wellness Clinic.

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